Create MySQL dump on EC2 instance and download it

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We’re going to create a MySQL dump on an EC2 instance, compress and download this file to our local (Mac) machine.

First of all let’s connect to the instance using a ssh command:

ssh -i "/path/to/your/*.pem" <EC2_USERNAME>@<PUBLIC_DNS_NAME>


  • /path/to/your/*.pem is the location where the PEM key is stored.
  • EC2_USERNAME is the username you log in with. If you used Amazon Linux 2 or the Amazon Linux AMI, the user name is ec2-user.
  • PUBLIC_DNS_NAME is the IP or DNS alias of the instance.

Then use the mysqldump utility to export a dump file from the database:

mysqldump -h <AMAZONAWS_RDS_HOST> -u <USER_NAME> -p <DB_NAME> > <BACKUP_NAME>.sql

This file can be compressed

gzip -f <BACKUP_NAME>.sql

Note! -f option forcefully compresses a file named <BACKUP_NAME>.sql even if there already exists a file named as <BACKUP_NAME>.sql.gz.

Use scp to download the backup file from the EC2 instance to your local machine:

scp -i "/path/to/your/*.pem" <EC2_USERNAME>@<PUBLIC_DNS_NAME>:/path/to/your/backup ~/Downloads/

Note! scp means “secure copy”, which can copy files between computers on a network.

If needed the backup file can be removed on the EC2 instance:

rm <BACKUP_NAME>.sql.gz

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